ADHDsurprise is now on YouTube!

This is just a quick post to let you all know about my new YouTube channel. I had considered this venture for quite some time and decided that the time was right to do the launch.

The focus of the channel will be to extend the original mission of this blog, namely by raising awareness of ADHD by sharing accurate information and stories from folks who have it. In addition I hope to continue to share valuable tools and resources through video just as I have on this blog.

But YouTube also allows for some new ways of interacting that I am also excited to bring to the community. Beyond videos of me, I want to share videos of you. Just as with the printed ADHDvoices series, I want to make this a platform where real folks with ADHD can share their stories.

And finally I want to bring together ADHDers in pre-recorded and live chats to talk about ADHD issues and answer ADHD-related questions generated by you, the community. Everything from our strategies and tips to get through every day life to how we might approach more complex issues.

The embedded video below is the trailer for my new channel. I hope you will check it out, subscribe, and share it with anyone who you think might benefit from joining the conversation.

Click here to subscribe to the ADHDsurprise YouTube Channel!


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Author: Jamie

At 37 I went to therapy and after two hours she asked if anyone had ever talked to me about ADHD. Surprise! I'm @ADHDsurprise on Twitter.

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