Video: Masking ADHD Symptoms

What is ADHD masking? How do we mask our ADHD symptoms? Why is it important to recognize when we are doing it? In this video I try to answer of all of these questions.

This video was originally shared as a Camp ADHD presentation on 11 July 2020. For more on Camp ADHD, see my previous post where I reflected on the impacts of the event!

Special thanks to Pina, @ADHD_Alien for giving permission to use some of her artwork in my presentation!

Still looking for more? Here’s a post I wrote about how masking my symptoms while I was still undiagnosed.

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Author: Jamie

At 37 I went to therapy and after two hours she asked if anyone had ever talked to me about ADHD. Surprise! I'm @ADHDsurprise on Twitter.

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